Service Reset Tool,Buy XTOOL X300P Or XTOOL PS150 ?

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Looking for a good Oil Reset Tool in XTOOL X300P and XTOOL PS150. Which one better? Look here:


Product name XTOOL 300P XTOOL PS150
Image Xtool 300 P Xtool ps150 Service Reset Tool
Main function Support service function and more special functions Support service function
Odometer Adjustment Yes No
EPS Yes No
ABS Bleeding Yes No
BMS Yes No
TPS Yes No
DPF Yes No
WINDOW INIT (Window initialization ) Yes No
Gearbox Match Yes No
EPB Yes Yes (for Audi A6/A8L/Q7 )
AIR Suspension Yes No
Head Light Yes No
Airbag reset Yes Yes
Oil Reset Yes Yes
Oil inspection light Yes Yes
service mileage Yes Yes
Service intervals Yes Yes
Hardware comparison:
Display 320×480 dpi TFT  Backlit, 160 x160 pixel display with contrast adjustment
Communication 1.Connect to vehicle via OBDII cable

2.Connect to computer via USB cable

1.Connect to vehicle via OBDII cable

2.Connect to computer: insert TF card into card reader and connect with computer

Operating Temperature -10℃-60℃ 0 to 50°C (32 to 122 F°)
Storage Temperature -20-70℃ -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 F°)
Dimension 200 x 92 x 33mm 225x 98x 36
Update Yes, support one-click upgrade through WIFI or connect USB cable to computer Yes, plug card reader with TF card to computer
Language English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish and Italian English, Russian, Italian, Traditional Chinese
Price £140.00 £39.99 (Out of Stock)


To sum up firstly:

X300P covers all service reset functions PS150 supported such as reset oil service light, oil inspection light, service mileage, service intervals, and airbag on most major Asian, American, European and Chinese vehicles.

Besides that, it also supports odometer adjustment and other special functions for more car models while PS150 doesn’t support:

EPS, ABS Bleeding, BMS, TOOTCH TEACH, TPS, TPMS Reset, Dashboard Recovery, DPF regeneration, Window Initialization, Gearbox Match, Air Suspension and Head Light


XTOOL PS150 oil reset tool supports the following special function for VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA:
1.Airbag Reset
2.Throttle adjustment EEPROM
3.Access Dashboard
4.Immobilizer Open calipers
5.Close Callipers
6.Stop/Activate SBC
7.VW/AUDIoxygen sensor service light reset
8.Tilt Angle sensor Calibrate
9.Audi A6/A8L/Q7 brake pad replacement

Compared with the PS150 oil reset tool, XTOOL X300P WINS!

So, how to use it quickly?


1.When you want to do the OBDII diagnosis, odometer or special function on the car, you should connect X300P to vehicle via OBDII cable

2.When you want to update X300P, you should connect it to computer via USB cable or connect via WiFi directly.

 how to use Xtool 300p 01

Note: Do not connect device and vehicle via WiFi!



Connect Xtool X300 P to the computer via USB cable (computer can supply power), then you can see the related function.

There are 6 functions in the main menu:

  • Oil Reset
  • Services
  • Recent Test
  • EPB
  • Options

 how to use Xtool 300p  02

Enter “Services”, you can see all special functions covered.

 how to use Xtool 300p  03   how to use Xtool 300p  04

Select the function, car region, car brand, car model to do you want

 how to use Xtool 300p  05  how to use Xtool 300p  06


Guide to update XTOOL X300P oil reset tool:

There are two methods to update X300P: via WiFi and via USB

 how to use Xtool 300p  07

Method 1: update via USB cable

1.Visit the Xtool official website:, Select “Supports”-> “Download Upgrade Tool”-> “X300P” to download and install the upgrade tool

 how to use Xtool 300p 07

2.Open the upgrade software, enter the product serial number and activation code to log in the software.

3.Connect the X300P handheld device to the computer through the USB cable.

4.When the X300P service tool is turned on, the computer software will automatically connect the device and log in.

5.Select installation items for computer software to upgrade procedures.

6.Disconnect the USB cable and restart the X300P handheld device to start using the upgrade software.


Method 2: one-click upgrade via WiFi

Enter the upgrade page and select WiFi one –click upgrade

Click update button for any function you need

 how to use Xtool 300p  09


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