XTOOL Key Programmers September Function Update Notice

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XTOOL Key Programmer has professional products such as X100 Pad3 and X100 Pad2 Pro support car diagnosis. These two programmers have slight difference from the aspects of special functions supported, hardware parameters, vehicle coverage, diagnosis system supported, etc. X100 Pad3 support all-system diagnosis while X100 Pad2 Pro only four systems.

XTOOL Diagnosis Tool has current on sale professional OBD2 car diagnostic tools including PS90 pro, A80 H6 and EZ500. They are allPro Level scan tool with many special functions and hardware upgraded.

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In the following parts, let’s check together the Major Key Programming Function Update in September.

XTOOL Key Programmers September Function Update Notice

Porsche-all models(2011-2017) V26.20

>Support R/W front-end electroniccontrol module D-Flash(disas-semble)

>Support generating specialkey 49 chip for Porsche s

>Support key matching for all keys losing

HYUNDAL-2019-2021LA FESTA EV(SQ EV)/ 2019-2021Elantra(ADC PHEV)/ 2020 Elantra (CN7C)/ 2019-2021 Encino EV(0SC EV)/ 2019-20 21 ix25(SU2)/ 2019-2021 SANTAFE 4th(TMC) V27.80

> Support keys matching function afterall keys lost

> Fix smart key 8A chip server algorithm

>Fix the communication instability of smart key 8A chip reading security code

>The models mentioned above up to 2021 aresupported

Porsche-Cayenne(up to 2011) v26.20

>0ptimize to read security code

>Expand security code reading range

>Optimize the display interface

Audi/Volkswagen/SKODA-all models V28.02

>5thall losing data can be uploaded/downloaded(currently only support A6/A7/A8)

>Resolved the failure to read security code

Kia-2020-2021K3 EV(BDC EV)/2019-2021K3 PHEV(BDC PHEV)/2021K5 (DL3C)/2018-2019 KX3 EV(KC EV) V27.21

>Support keys matching after all keys lost

>Fix smart key 8A chip server algorithm

>Fix the communication instability of smart key 8A chip reading security code

>The models mentioned above up to 2021 are supported

BWM/MINI/Rolls-Royce – All models V26.20

> EWS: Remote Matching

> EWS: R/W ECU FLASH (Disassemble)

>FEM/BDC: Pre-processing for F chassis,all models up to 2019 aresupported

>FEM/BDC: Fixvehicle cannot be started after matching/deleting the key

>FEM/BDC: 0btain the ISN from OEM key > FEM/BDC: Fix the key cannot start thevehicle

>MVI76K: Read ECU information,read/write ISN code,write VIN code

>MVI724: Read ECU information,read/write ISN code,exit transport mode

Buick – 2020 ENCLAVE V27.80

>Add instrument cluster repairing

NISSAN-20-digit security code type 1 V27.07

>It will be supported up to 2020

Mahindra – XUV500 Scorpio V26.56

>Optimize key matching and Synchronous immobiliser

>All vehicle models up to 2019 are covered

Chevrolet-2019 Silverado V28.09

>New reading the security code function for this model

Chrysler-2019 RAM/ 2019 Cherokee V27.35

>New reading the security code function for this model

Mitsubishi -Xpander V26.69

>Add key matching

Chrysler-2019 RAM/ 2019 Cherokee V27.35

>New OBD reading security code function is Add

> Support smart key matching

KC501 D11V V10.01

>Porsche: Add reading ECU information function

>Audi: Add reading steering column lock,R/W BCM2

>Optimize R/W M0B and key 46 chip

Geely – Binray 2018/ Boyue 2018 V29.80

> Add instrument cluster repairing

GWM-FengJun 7(Wingle 7, China VD)/ P Series/WEY all models/HAVAL F7& H9/0RA IQ&lQ-420 V28.09

>Wingle7(China VI): Reset immobiliser,replace immobiliser ECU,offline learning

> Pao/WEYall models/Haval F7: New gearboxmatching and add hybrid vehicle controller matching

>Haval H9; New 2020 smart key system

>Ora lQ:Restore key learning mode,new system offline matching,TBK and VCU offline matching

>0ra IQ-420: Add TB0X matching

Foton – AUMAN EST A V26.21

> Remote matching

> Bead remote numbers

> Support remote matching of diesel vehicle (24V) Auman heavy truck

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