Can Xtool X100 Pad2 Read pin code Citroen C3 2018?

Xtool X100 Pad2

Question: with Xtool X100 Pad2, can I read pin code Citroen C3 2018 smart chip key 4 A?


Answer: Yes, please view Xtool X100 Pad2 Citroen C3 function list.

Xtool X100 Pad2 Function List


Xtool X100 Pad2 Citroen Success:

  • Citroen c3 2008 read pin code and add key okay
  • Citroen c4 2010 add key okay
  • Citroen Quatre 2009 read pin code
  • Citroen Berlingo 2008year read pin code (type3)ok,add remote key ok!

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