XTool X100 PAD2/ PAD2 Pro on Renault Car List and Reviews :Success & Fail

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A question from our customer: will this xpad2 (XTOOL X100 PAD2 ) program Renault cars?  Yes, Xtool X100 PAD2 is tested as a great key programmer for Renault Megan, Scénic, Espace, Laguna, etc…

First, please look at the Xtool X100 PAD2 / PAD2 PRO Renault function List table:

Xtool X100 PAD2 Renault Function Table V26.87
series paragraph vehicle function
RENAULT 2001-2003 Avantime 1.Program keys 2、Read pincode 2.1.Type 1
2.2.Type 2
RENAULT 2010-2013 Duster(Dacia)
RENAULT Espace Blade key
RENAULT 2001-2007 Laguna Blade key
RENAULT 2010-2013 Logan (Dacia)
RENAULT 2010-2013 Sandero (Dacia)
RENAULT 2010-2013 Symbol (Dacia)
RENAULT -2001 Clio 1、Program immobiliser
2、Initate new immobilser
RENAULT -2001 Kangoo
RENAULT -2001 Master
RENAULT 2001-2005 Clio 1.12-digit PIN
2.Free pin code 3.Read BCM Code
RENAULT Clio II 1.Program keys
RENAULT 2003-2010 Espace Card key
RENAULT 2002-2007 Kangoo
RENAULT 2001-2007 Laguna Card key
RENAULT Laguna Keyless
RENAULT 2004-2009 Logan (Dacia)
RENAULT 2002-2007 Master
RENAULT 2007-2010 Master
RENAULT 2005-2010 Sandero (Dacia)
RENAULT 2003-2005 Solenza
RENAULT 09-10 Symbol (Dacia)
RENAULT 02-06 Trafic
RENAULT 07-14 Trafic
RENAULT 02-07 Twingo
RENAULT 02-07 Valsatis
RENAULT Valsatis Keyless
RENAULT Clio III Without smart 1.Read number of keys 2.Program keys
2.1.Input Pin Code 2.2.Free Pin Code
RENAULT Modus Without smart
RENAULT Modus With smart 1.Read number of keys 2.Program keys
2.1.Input Pin Code 2.2.Free Pin Code
3.Program remote 4.Erase remotes
RENAULT Clio III  With smart
RENAULT Kangoo II 1.Program keys
RENAULT 2010-2016 Master
RENAULT 2007-2014 Twingo
RENAULT -10 KOLEOS 1.Program keys
RENAULT 08- Laguna Card key
RENAULT 2008-2012 Valsatis
RENAULT 2003-2006 Megane/Scenic 1.Number of keys 2.Program keys
RENAULT 2007-2009 Megane/Scenic
RENAULT -2015 Captur 1.Read PIN code 2.Learn keys
RENAULT -2015 Clio IV
RENAULT 2016- Captur 1.Add key
1.1.Read PIN code 1.2.Send PIN To HFM
1.3.Learn keys
1.4.Backup FLASH 1.5.Recover FLASH
2.All lost key 2.1.Read PIN code 2.2.Create key
2.3.Send PIN To HFM
2.4.Learn keys 2.5.Backup FLASH 2.6.Recover FLASH
RENAULT 2016- Clio IV
RENAULT 2015- Espace V 1.Non Smart Key
1.1.Read Number of Keys 1.2.Read EEPROM
1.3.Add Keys 1.4.Learn HFM 1.5.Create Key 1.6.Unlock Key 1.7.HELP
2.With Smart Key
2.1.Read Number of Cards 2.2.Read EEPROM
2.3.Add Cards 2.4.Learn HFM 2.5.Create Card 2.6.Unlock Card 2.7.HELP
RENAULT 2016- Megane/Scenic IV
RENAULT 2015- Talisman


Then, here is the real feedback and test report from the Facebook group in xtool pad2:

2009 Megane II spare key successfully…

Xtool X100 Pad2 Renault 02

Programming lost card Renault Megane 3… programming in 5 min easy with x100pad.. Happy customer… id4 map pcf 7941

Renault Twingo 2011 all keys lost,Xtool straight in programmed

Renault Twingo All Keys Lost

X100 PAD2 GLOBAL GL ver. You have success add a key – cards for Renault after 2010 (Laguna, Megane Scénic Clio 4, etc. 2010 – 2015)


-New card key Renault Laguna
– 5min.
With x100pad 2 pro

Renault 01

Renault scenic 2006 56
Success reads pin And programmed card with XTool X100 PAD2
Autel im508 failed to read pin
True code failed read the wrong pin
Xtool wins!!! K.O AUTEL ,K.O Truecode!!

AKL on Renault Clio 3. 2 remote keys programmed easy. About 2 mins total. Nice easy job especially with key number in the glove box

Renault Scenic add a card.All ok

2010 Renault Koleos 7941 keycard added. Xpad instructions were not entirely clear but I got there in the end. When done programming, neither key will start car (remote is fine)but leave car for 5 minutes and they will all operate properly

2010 Renault Koleos

Another Renault kangoo 2007 ph2
All keys lost
Using aftermarket key/ remote
Easy job

Renault kangoo 2006 ph2
All keys lost
Starts and remote works
A happy day with xtool pad2

Renault Megan Scenic 2004 AKL is possible just to add key card new

Clio 2 ID46, Kangoo, Master 2, Megane 2, Scenic 2 (before 2008), Clio 3, Modus: OK (akl and add key)

2010 Renault twingo
All keys lost
Read pin
Programmed remote key
Aftermarket key all good

2007 Renault Clio lll
Read pin ok
Programmed key ok
Remote worked and start vehicle
Easy process

2010 Renault traffic
Aftermarket remote key
Work good simple

2010 Renault Traffic

Renault megan 2 2006 add card .All ok with xtool x100 pad2 key programmer 


Renault Sandero Stepway 2013 – pincode fail.
-2007 Renault Espace IV Phase 2 read Immo-Pin: FAIL
-2007 Renault Espace IV Phase 2 add key: FAIL

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