Xtool Key Programming Update Log 2021 August

Xtool New Update

Xtool August Update Log.-KEY PROGAMMING

Features in:

adds Wrangler 2018-201 read pin when AKL

Jaguar Land rover 2015-2018 via OBD

Subaru G chip smart key via OBD

Applied to Xtool X100 PAD3 Plus Xtool KC501

Xtool August Update Log 01

Proton -X50 V26.55

Supports all key lost, pincode reading

Add smart key programming & pincode reading


Wuling – Journey /Mini EV V26.21

Support all key lost

Add remote programming for Journey 2021-/Mini EV


Chang’an -Eado Plus/UNI-K/Oshan A800 /Oshan Cosmos/COS1/Kaicene F70 /Honor S V27.44

Support all key lost

Add smart key programming

Add read pincode function for Oshan A800 /Cosmos/COS1/COS GT/Kaicene F70/ Honor S/more…


Greatwall -Haval H6 /Haval Chitu /F7 /WEY Mocha /VV5 / Ora IQ V26.43

Support all key lost

Support smart key system for 2020+ Haval. H6

Add key matching function of F7 2020-,F7X, VV5 2021-,Ora IQ 2021-

Add smart key programming for Haval Chitu /WEY Mocha


KC501 LIBRARY V10.09

Add read & write D-Flash and P-FLASH for Honda Civic ECU

Add read & write P-FLASH for Chang’an IMMO module

Add read & write EEPROM for Buick IMMO module


Chrysler -Wrangler V27.04

Support read pincode in AKL situation

Add read pincode and key programming function for Wrangler 2018-2021


Audi /VW/Skoda/Seat /Bentley V28.08

Online function, token needed

Add upload / download/ generate dealer key/ learn key /change key ID functions for MQB 5C platform

Support generate KD keys for MQB 48


Jaguar /Land Rover -2015-2018 Models V26.66 /v26.46

Via OBD directly, KC501 needed

Add write-enable function for all smart keys lost


Subaru-G-chip smart key V26.55

Via OBD directly, no emulators needed

Add all smart keys lost functions for G-chip smart keys


Volvo-S60/S90/v60/XC40/XC60/XC90/XC Classic V26.23

Support all key lost, KC501 needed

Add smart key programming for S60 2019-/S90 2017- /V60 2019- / XC40 2018- / XC60 2018- / XC90 2016-

Add fold key programming for XC Classic

Xtool August Update Log 02 Xtool August Update Log 03

Alright, it is time to update Xtool X100 PAD3 Plus Xtool KC501 to own the above newest car models.

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Xtool Software Update Notice In August 2021 (incl: Diagnose ,key programming,special functions and TPMS)