V401 (VAG401) Odometer correction For Mk1 (8n) Audi TT

Xtool V401

XTOOL VAG401 (XTOOL V401) can be used to calibrate dashboard on AUDI TT MK1 successfully.  Go ahead to read more details.



Car: AUDI TT MK1 (8n)

Device: XTOOL VAG401 VW/ AUDI/ SEAT/ SKODA Professional tool


The test:

Connect VAG401 to the vehicle via OBD 16Pin cable

Then turn on the device to use

Select Diagnose-> diagnosis system-> Common system-> Dashboard

Xtool V401 Test Dashboard Audi Tt Mk1 3

It starts connecting device and reading system info…

Then read out vehicle system info

Xtool V401 Test Dashboard Audi Tt Mk1 4

Next step is to read data

Enter dashboard menu automatically

Select “Test actuator”-> Analog indicators

Xtool V401 Test Dashboard Audi Tt Mk1 5 Xtool V401 Test Dashboard Audi Tt Mk1 6

Finally, it shows the related test result on the dashboard

Xtool V401 Test Dashboard Audi Tt Mk1 7 Xtool V401 Test Dashboard Audi Tt Mk1 8 Xtool V401 Test Dashboard Audi Tt Mk1 9


Btw, attach the related customer reviews about dashboard function.


This tool is easy to use to do the basic code reading and maintenance reminder reset. It also has more technical features which vary depending on vehicle like testing all gauges and lights on dash, testing locks and alarm. Reprogram mileage if you replace instrument cluster. It can read every code on every system not just generic obd2. Codes for engine, transmission, air bag, abs, climate, locks and alarm, etc. It will reprogram remotes and realign HID headlights. Then if you get well versed in VAG there are so many things you can access or custom program with it.



Over a month period of time, our 2001 Passat developed an intermittent Immobilizer issue. Sometimes the key would be recognized and start, sometimes the instrument cluster would have a flashing yellow key and also “Immobiliser Active” message. Tried many things. Determined the instrument cluster (Half MFA) was the culpret and needed to be changed. Specific codes are needed to do this job. One option was to buy or rent VAG Tacho. This tool claimed to be able to retrieve those same needed codes. For $45, I figured I’d give it a try. It worked!! Already owned a registered version of Ross Tech VCDS. Between the two, I was able to get the job done………………………..

Special function/Read PIN code/Instruments/Enter/Enter/Enter till it’s done!