Solution for XTOOL PS90 (Pro) White / Blank Screen Problem

Xtool PS90

If your XTOOL PS90 or PS90 Pro suddenly turns to a blank (white) screen when connected to BMW car or other cars, how do you solve it? Here will share a real customer case and offer the related solution.


Customer problem:

Hi, I’m having a problem connecting my xtool ps90 to any bmw cars. Every time we connect it freezing on a blank screen.

Xtool Ps90 Pro White Screen Solution 1


For this problem, engineer provides the corresponding solution as below.

There may be something wrong with the BMW or other car software, please delete ( uninstall) the related software and download (reinstall) again.

*Check the guide to delete car software:

*Check the guide to download car software:

Step 1: Open the Settings icon on the XTOOL PS90 Pro or PS90

Step 2: Open WIFI and find the available router to connect

Xtool Ps90 Pro White Screen Solution 2

Step 3: Open PS90/ PS90 Pro application

Click “Update” to select the corresponding software to update again

Xtool Ps90 Pro White Screen Solution 3 Xtool Ps90 Pro White Screen Solution 4


Try to solve the problem using the method above! Come and share your test result with us!

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