Possible To Change Chevrolet Malibu Mileage By XTOOL X100 PAD2

Xtool X100 Pad2

Thanks to @Stephen setliff for sharing his experience using XTOOL X100 PAD 2 Key Programmer to try the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu mileage adjustment.

Test Results: just trying out the mileage correction feature for anybody interested in buying this tool. some vehicles it has the options to work on it won’t actually complete the correction. it works on this car. this was for informational purposes. mileage was reset to original.

How to use XTOOL X100 PAD 2 change mileage for 016 Chevrolet Malibu step-by-step below

After connecting X100 PAD2 to the vehicle via the main cable.

The original mileage is 88104 mi on the dashboard

X100 Pad2 2016 Malibu Mileage Correction 1

Enter “Instrument Cluster” function

Select “INSTRUMENT CLUSTER”-> agree with the disclaimer

Then select “CHEVROLET”-> “Malibu”-> “2010-”-> “Mileage adjustment”

Turn on the ignition switch, but don’t start the engine

X100 Pad2 2016 Malibu Mileage Correction 2 X100 Pad2 2016 Malibu Mileage Correction 3 X100 Pad2 2016 Malibu Mileage Correction 4

Detect out the current mileage and VIN (the mileage read out is different from the dashboard)

Go ahead to try to adjust odometer, click “Change mileage” at the bottom left corner of the screen

X100 Pad2 2016 Malibu Mileage Correction 5

Input the new mileage manually and confirm

X100 Pad2 2016 Malibu Mileage Correction 6

Switch ignition off and restart the engine

Now the new mileage has been changed and appears on the dashboard.

(The mileage is the same after unit conversion)

X100 Pad2 2016 Malibu Mileage Correction 7 X100 Pad2 2016 Malibu Mileage Correction 8

Result: It’s crazy! Though the original mileage has been read out by the X100 PAD2 key programmer is different from the dashboard, it finally adjusts the odometer successfully. So, play at your own risk!


Here are some car models incl. Chevrolet have been tested successfully using XTOOL X100 PAD2 Pro by many users. Enjoy!

XTOOL X100 PAD2 Pro Have Success in Add Key + Change Mileage for Different Cars

Attach the full XTOOL X100 PAD2/X100 PAD2 Pro car list for CHEVROLET mileage correction for reference.

Automaker Model Year/Instrument model Type
CHEVROLET Alero 98-    
CHEVROLET Astro 2001-    
CHEVROLET Avalanche -2002  
CHEVROLET Avalanche 2003-2006  
CHEVROLET Avalanche 2007-  
CHEVROLET Avalanche 2014  
CHEVROLET Aveo 2011  
CHEVROLET Aveo Other Model  
CHEVROLET Blazer 1997-1998  
CHEVROLET Blazer 1998  
CHEVROLET Camaro 1999-  
CHEVROLET Camaro 2010-  
CHEVROLET Camaro 2019  
CHEVROLET Captiva    
CHEVROLET Cavalier 01-05    
CHEVROLET Cobalt 2012  
CHEVROLET Cobalt 2005-2007  
CHEVROLET Cobalt 2008-  
CHEVROLET Colorado Type 1  
CHEVROLET Colorado Type 2(2005- V1)  
CHEVROLET Colorado Type 3(2005- V2)  
CHEVROLET Colorado 2017-  
CHEVROLET Corvette 1999-2004  
CHEVROLET Corvette 2010-  
CHEVROLET Corvette 2013-  
CHEVROLET Corvette 2017  
CHEVROLET Cruze 10-  
CHEVROLET Cruze 2016-2018  
CHEVROLET Equinox 2005-2006  
CHEVROLET Equinox 2007-2009  
CHEVROLET Equinox 2010-  
CHEVROLET Equinox 2018  
CHEVROLET Express 2003-2007  
CHEVROLET Express 2008-  
CHEVROLET Express cutaway 08-    
CHEVROLET Grand AM 98-    
CHEVROLET HHR 2005-2007  
CHEVROLET Hornet    
CHEVROLET Impala 2000-2005  
CHEVROLET Impala 2006-  
CHEVROLET Impala 2014-2016  
CHEVROLET Imtrigue 98-    
CHEVROLET Malibu 2004-2007  
CHEVROLET Malibu 2008-  
CHEVROLET Malibu 2010-  
CHEVROLET Malibu 2017-  
CHEVROLET Montana 2000-2005  
CHEVROLET Montana 2006-  
CHEVROLET Monte carlo 2000-2005  
CHEVROLET Monte carlo 2006-  
CHEVROLET S10 1997-1998  
CHEVROLET S10 1998  
CHEVROLET Silverado 1997-2001  
CHEVROLET Silverado 2003-2006  
CHEVROLET Silverado 2007-  
CHEVROLET Silverado 2014-2016  
CHEVROLET Silverado 2017-  
CHEVROLET Spark 14-    
CHEVROLET Suburban 1998-2002  
CHEVROLET Suburban 2003-2006  
CHEVROLET Suburban 2007-  
CHEVROLET Suburban 2014  
CHEVROLET Suburban 2017-  
CHEVROLET Tahoe 2000-2002  
CHEVROLET Tahoe 2003-2006  
CHEVROLET Tahoe 2007-  
CHEVROLET Tahoe 2014-2016  
CHEVROLET Tahoe 2017-  
CHEVROLET Trailblazer -2019 Type 1
CHEVROLET Trailblazer -2019 Type 2
CHEVROLET Trailblazer 2019-  
CHEVROLET Uplander 2005-2009  
CHEVROLET Venture 2000-  

More vehicles covered can be searched in

http://www.xtooltech.com/EN/ProductView/X100PAD2.html or http://www.xtooltech.com/EN/ProductView/X100PAD2PRO.html


Please kindly notice:

Though XTOOL X100 PAD2 (Pro) supports odometer adjustment for different cars, not sure every car model can be supported. If you are interested in this XTOOL Key Programmer and decide to buy one, please offer the specific car model you own to our customer service online to check if it can be supported.