Citroen Pincode read OK with Xtool X100 Pad2 Review

Xtool X100 Pad2

Q: will this Xtool X100 Pad2  program Citroen smart keys?

A: Yes, it will

Here you are:

1.Xtool x100 pad2 for CITROEN Function: 

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Car series System type Year Include car models Function menu
CITROEN Anti-theft matching Berlingo Type1 1、Program keys
2、Program decoder
3、Program engine ECU
4、Program keys and engine ECU 5、Configuration
C5 Type1
Dispatch Type1
-2012 ELYSEE
Evasion Type1
Jumpy Type1
Synergie Type1
Xantia Type1
Berlingo Type2 1、Program keys
C2 Type1(VAN)
C3 Type1(VAN)
C5 Type2
C8 Type1(VAN)
Dispatch Type2
DS5 Non smart key Type2
Jumpy Type2
Nemo Type1(VAN)
Synergie Type2
Xantia Type2
Berlingo Type3 1、Program keys
C2 Type2(CAN)
C3 Type2(CAN)
C4 Non smart key Type1
C5 Type3
-2016 C5
C8 Type2(CAN)
Dispatch Type3
DS5 Non smart key Type3
Evasion Type2
Jumpy Type3
Nemo Type2(CAN)
Synergie Type3
Xantia Type3
C3-XR Non smart key 1、Program keys
C4 Non smart key Type2
C4L Non smart key
2017- C5 Non smart key
2016- C6 Non smart key
C-Crosser Non smart key Type2
DS4 Non smart key
DS5 Non smart key Type1
DS6 Non smart key
2012- ELYSEE
2016- C4 Non smart key
C3-XR Smart key 1、Program smart keys
C4 Smart key Type2
C4L Smart key
2017- C5 Smart key
2016- C6 Smart key
C-Crosser Smart key Type2
DS4 Smart key
DS5 Smart key
DS6 Smart key
2016- C4 Smart key
C4 Non smart key Type3 1、Read ECU Information 2、Live Data
3、Change secutity code 4、Program Key
5、Program remote
6、Program engine key code
7、Program engine key code&VIN write
C-Crosser Non smart key Type1
C4 Smart key Type1 1、Program smart keys
C-Crosser Smart key Type1

2. Review from @Ronen Abir :used Xtool X100 Pad 2 to read pin code and program remote key for Citroen success !

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